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Web Marketing

You're online... Now what?

Marketing on the Internet is comprised of many elements. One of the cornerstones of your web marketing effort is to establish a presence online which, to many business people, means a website. Having a website for your business is a "no brainer"... you should have one! However, there are many ways to approach the marketing of your business on the Internet. There are search engines, blogs, social media mechanisms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email marketing and countless other ways to drive awareness of you online.

Simply having a website is not enough. The site must be effective which means ready and capable of compelling visitors to take one or more actions that provide you with value. This might be an online sale for an e-commerce site, it could be a request for a quote for your product or services, a phone call, email inquiry or a visit to your bricks & mortar location. Once you have a site that is truly capable of converting visitors into value the next step is to get the right visitors to it, cost effectively. We have the real world experience and expertise required to develop a highly effective web presence for you. We also know how to generate awareness of your web presence amongst your target audience and drive them to you where your site can do it's job of converting them into a return on your investment.

Engage us for web strategy consulting and we'll help you define what your organization can, and should, be doing online. We can then help you actually do it! We provide the complete range of expertise and services required to establish a successful online presence. From choosing the right domain name, to designing and building a highly effective website to driving the right traffic to it, to all of the underlying technical services like website hosting, programming and more.