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Domain Name Registration

Registering the right domain name is important. Let us help.

When launching an online presence it's vital to choose the right domain name. Your domain name is your "address" on the Internet and can play a significant role in your online success.

There is much to be considered and to take into account when selecting a domain name. A few examples of key factors are:

  • Memorability - Shorter is easier to remember and word(s) and/or a short phrase is better than something cryptic.
  • Localization - Consider the geographic area you serve and factor that into the domain extension you opt for (e.g. .com, .ca, etc.). You might consider including a geographic reference in your domain if applicable (e.g. "").
  • What You Do - Often this can produce better results than stating "who you are" (e.g. vs. "")

The above is by no means the full range of considerations. There is plenty more to factor in and each situation is unique.

We have been helping our clients understand how to select the best domain name(s) for their web presence for over 14 years. Why don't you take advantage of what we've learned and leverage our experience when registering a domain name for your own purposes.